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How To Design An Office Space

Posted on 9th Dec 2020

When we think of how to boost productivity in our workplaces, our minds go to a time-saving tool like automation technology, employee wellness, meetings and so on. We forget that designing our physical workspaces has a great impact on a wide range of factors. They include creativity, productivity, health, inclusion, morale, collaboration, and purpose.

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According to studies on how the design of the workspace affects productivity, the most important factor that determines a worker’s ability to concentrate is their physical environment. A well-designed office increases your productivity by up to around 20%.

Here are a few tips on how to design your office space for maximum productivity.

Plan before diving in

Before you design your office space, think about the end result, challenges, size of the space and how it will serve the needs of your staff and company. Note how people are using the space currently, observe their behaviour, discuss research options, future plans, and start a survey to ask what is needed. Keep in mind that your plan has to follow things your employees need to maximise output.

Improve the lighting

You can only work well if you see well. Poor lighting leads to eye strain, fatigue, stress, headaches and other physical and mental problems. So, improving the lighting in your office will boost productivity since it makes the working environment convenient for your staff. Consider installing natural lights as they are bright and perfect for vision, even in longer durations.

Raise your ceilings

Whether you are designing or renovating a new office, raising your ceilings is a great idea. People are said to prefer 10 foot high ceilings as they are believed to help people think more freely. Now, think about how well employees with freer and more creative thinking can benefit your business.

Good quality furniture

Go for beautiful and high-quality office furniture to give your staff comfort and inspiration to be more creative. Low-quality furniture can be a source of health issues and low productivity. To get the right furniture to keep your employees healthy, relaxed and contented, research to know the right furniture for your office space.

Control the noise level

Among the complaints staff make, noise is at the top. This applies mostly to open-plan offices. When noise becomes a nuisance to your employees, they become stressed, less driven, unsatisfied with their job and hence, lower productivity. Including sound masking systems in your office space helps in masking unwanted sounds, reducing its dynamic range and making the work environment comfortable. If you cannot install this system, get noise-cancelling headphones for your staff.

Note that a lot of expertise goes into designing an office space. So, you need specialists to give your office space a perfect design that suits your employees and purpose. Remember that when it comes to anything that impacts your office staff significantly, use a professional company to handle it.

Let us help you

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